Troubleshooting App Downloads

Did you have an issue with either the download or the performance of our app for Discover Downriver Marketplace?  We want to help.

Typical reasons why our app may not work on your device:

  • Not enough memory on your device
  • The device has an old operating system
  • The device may not be new enough to run the app

Most times the issue could be the age of the device or an operating system that has yet to be upgraded.  However, it could be another fixable issue and we want to stay on top of any issues that prohibit a user from having a great experience with our app.

Below is a short troubleshooting form.  We would be grateful for your feedback so that we can be sure every user has a great experience.  Feel free to complete this form and our team will get back to you once we understand more about your device.

Thank you!